TI Speaking Conference

Weekly conference call at 8pm Central Standard Time every Wednesday.

Consultation(s) will/can give you tips, trick, tools, and strategy in how to deal with cops and courts, and hospitals. I don’t want you to be labeled and mistreated. So I help guide you through these muddy waters. I also know a few things about asset protection.

Everything I do or mention is 100% lawful. Above board.

We figure out if that’s all you need, or you need something specific on certain research, or reaching out to certain officials, or a law enforcement practitioners opinion. We figure out what your budget will allow – and what you need, and I will labor with you to do all I can to help you within your budget and needs.

My services:

Consultations, research, and/or assist: You to get the help you need which may or may not include a law enforcement practitioners opinion, state open records request, and\or Freedom of Information request – That is all I do.

A law enforcement practitioners opinion – Can be used to gain you credibility with government, law enforcement, the courts, etc. or your own peace of mind.

I am not an attorney, nor a judge, nor have I ever been. I do not give legal advice.   Anything I say or post is absent legal value, and absent legal intent.                                                         
( I do exercise my God given rights as a minister of the gospel in counseling, and advising )

I am a multi retired Chief of Police, Rank of Colonel; an Administratively Medically Retired Deputy Sheriff – by a line of duty injury – stopping a homicide in progress, and a Retired Chief Deputy Constable, at the rank of Colonel.

I have been in the PUBLIC SAFETY FIELD for a 43 + years career.

Police * Sheriff * Constable * Marshall * Ranger * Fire Service/EMS *Jails/Prisons Private Armed Security * Private Armed Executive Body Guard * Private Investigator

TI conference call With Chief Daymond Jones on Wednesdays

NOTE: In the event I can’t make a Wednesday night call – y’all are free to still call in and talk to each other, but it will not be recorded. Until I find a trusted & fair assistant to help me run the board.

ABSOLUTE House rules – Be polite, be respectful – Limit your time so others can speak

I’m doing this as a free helps ministry on these conference calls  – If you require private and personal time by email and phone etc – that’s where a donation is acceptable and helpful to me and my family.

Call in number (605) 313-5111
Access code 712679
Online meeting ID   daymond40408

Call to listen to recorded calls (605)313-5112
Access code 712679


My Church


Donations let me know your serious, and help offset my costs for website, pc upkeep, cell service and upkeep, and allow me to move fwd in my work. It also allows me not to labor in the field and to specifically labor on TI’s as I must receive donations/funds to sustain myself and family somehow, so ive got to labor here or elsewhere.

If you send as a donations PayPal takes $ 1.03 out of each 25.00

If you send to family & friends – its no charge. I know it’s not much but when I talk to 10 plus people a week it adds up and the donation is already very low.

On average I spend approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each time a TI calls me…..which is way over what I promise to give in time. (I’ve gone as far as 2.8 hours in a single call in a very complex case)

I’m talking to some TI’s by phone and or emails repeatedly. Which adds up in time. At times it’s surpassed 6 plus hours for one TI over time for the same single 80.00 dollar donation. (I’m going to have to start putting a limit on time as some are abusing my kindness, however I will still allow some additional time, just not excessive time)

My time is valuable, just as yours is. I’m spending 30-60 hours a week with TIs one on one.

At this point I either have to get a part time job, or continue with TIs, but I can’t do both.

I leave it up to the TI community; to decide.

If you trust me, them use me, if not please depart from me. I absolutely refuse to continue to answer questions after 6 plus months about my honesty, and integrity.

I am both loved and hated for who I am on the social media, and I don’t know anyone in today’s social medial who is not.

Some of my haters are cops, attorneys, and other government officials.

 In fact I have filed criminal charges against a California attorney for slander and liable against me as well as stalking, harassment, and inciting others to do the same. ( I’m a different type of TI than others ) –

At the same time……. Many love, respect, and fully trust me. They love me for the same reasons others hate me……My supporters love me for who I am and fully support me. The good far over weigh the bad. Meaning I’m running 90% in my favor and 10% hate me.

This same attorney as above almost had my friend killed by his followers pulling a gun on him, which is currently under investigation. (I have had my family harassed, photographed, videotaped, fake calls, fake emails, being followed in our automobiles by this Family Cult.)

We have now moved and put up our house for sale to escape this family cult lead by a California Attorney. If I did not have a family I would do things differently. My family is a disabled household, my adult son with special needs who can’t live alone, at this time; and my wife from a horrific car wreck.

All of these things and much more are under investigation is at least 3 states.

In fact this specific attorney, as well as the husband of another attorney, and a lifelong career criminal is conspiring to deprive me and others of our civil rights. Currently Under Investigation. ( estimated time to complete these investigations and bring any appropriate civil and criminal prosecution is estimated to take between 06 – 36 months.)

These people are a propaganda machine with 50 plus minions, each one with 12-50 screen names, to do their dirty work. The spread doubt, confusion, and anxiety in several communities. They seek to destroy me and others that help people. They want us on a bread line and in a tent on the side of the road simply because we disagree with them and they have been ego damaged & became enraged

One final note

Within the TI community there is much suspicion of almost everything, and everybody. There are TI’s, not even 10% by my estimate, who jockey around for positions and status in this community. Especially on calls, websites, private group meetings.

I don’t have to do this. I choose to do this. I accept a man or woman for who they are and where they are. I accept everything TI tells me as the truth, until if and when I find any deception. I find it is much better to be in the heart of a man or woman than in ones face.

I have found overwhelming support in this community with open arms. I have been told I am a wonderful man, and several have gone much further in their praise……I say thank you. I am a simple honest and humble man…..helping others is my passion, my privilege, and honor. I can only do as God provides. I say I am everything with God, and but dirt without him.

Keep in mind there is a few people whom are jealous of me and my rising star in the community and they spread rumors, false testimony, and flat make things up about me. They find my haters on line and tote their fake news about me. They spread hate, distrust, and most especially ½ truths…..and do little or no research on me or my career.

They never find out why I was fired as a Chief of Police – for an investigation into pedophiles in our local government – I was fired to stop the investigation.

They never tell people that when I was accused of a false statement to law enforcement…my agency….. dealing with a woman who tried to run over me, hit my car and ran…..they don’t tell folks my Chief of police was suffering from dementia, and that the Sheriffs officer had turned this woman out to be a confidential informant as she was a drug dealer and addict, and that the state trooper working the accident was having an affair with this woman, and he was later let go, and was hired at a police department and was later fired from there as well.

And they certainly don’t tell you after a State Police review FDLE and I went before the council at FDLE on the above charge…..NO PROBOBALE CAUSE WAS FOUND……innocent.

If I had been found guilty I would be decertified immediately, and criminally charged. And could have never been a cop again anywhere. That was in 92 or 93 I think….or around that time.

I later retired from this same agency as the Chief of Police in 1997…..and later went on and served another agency as their Chief of Police and later again Retired as their Chief of Police, and later Retired one last time – on call status – as the Chief Deputy Constable. All three positions were at the rank of Colonel.

They go on and on about my degrees in ministry. They never tell you if you are non incorporated as a Church and/or a Church University the government cannot recognize you. So they cannot accredit you. You have to have your own council of elders/deacons/etc. that accredit you in your religion. If you go to my Church website you will see why we are not incorporated, as your asking the government to change your status from Church to a corporation and exchange rights for privileges. It’s forbidden in God’s law.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Dr. Rev. Colonel Daymond R. Jones
Retired Chief of Police
Retired Chief Deputy Constable
Pastor/Priest SCOJ Ministries
Publisher DCJ News Media and SCOJ News
Chancellor of SCOJ University
Consultant on Law Enforcement and Safety/Security for the  public and private sectors
Consultant on TI’s Targeted Individuals

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