This will help Chief to more quickly know how to better consult with you. It will help him to better understand your specific targeting, and perhaps by whom and for what reason. If you are going to use a fake name for any reason please state so, and stick to the same name, and use the same email.

Chief has had clients that have changed their names, emails, text, and other contact information. This is quite confusing, and the clients don’t seem to understand why. Just think if you were trying to help many people and especially over time from across the country and their email, phone numbers and the like kept changing over time. This causes him to mix up people at times. He must positively ID a client before he can start the dialogue.

Chief believes in HIPPA and client privacy and discretion. He is not an Attorney, nor is he a Judge nor has he been one. Anything he says or does in his consulting is absent legal advice, absent legal intent, absent legal value. In all this is a part of his ministry as a pastor, retired chief of police based on his 40 years career in the criminal justice field.

You will print this out, and fill it out. Then you sign it and agree that you understand it.

Chief will not consult with anyone who does not fill this out, sign it, and make the $80.00 donation. Donations are used to offset his cost and aid his ministry and family.

Contacting and consulting with Chief. He can use Skype, Watts app, Signal app, and line app. Or cell phone. He does not have a land line.

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