I prefer donations for my own personal and private purposes. However, if it be an absolute that you must pay by money order, or a PayPal payment, or a personal check, or similar we will discuss it by phone to make acceptable arrangements.

I have knowledge, skills, abilities, training, and field experience in Public Safety of 40 years in many disciplines, mostly Police, Constable, Sheriff, Marshall’s, Prisons, and First Responder, etc. I am currently helping TI’s Targeted Individuals and gaining more and more intelligence daily from these individuals as well as agencies.

Donations are suggested at $100 per hour of assistance.

Services Offered

Law Enforcement Practitioner's Opinion

$500+ Depending on Complexity
I do not promise certain results, but only to assist you in strategic ways and means, a law enforcement practitioners’ opinion, review of your case, offer my ideas.
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