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NOTICE: at this time we have no funds, and in fact I have to pay for the website and upkeep all by myself at this time. Which gets to be expensive after a while. So donations are sought after.

You can find more information and see me on REMOLA D REPORTS.

I will be on other channels, podcasts, radio shows in the future hopefully by September. I am scheduled tentatively to be back on RAMOLA D REPORTS in mid to late August.

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Working Hours:

Types of TI’s Targeted Individuals

  1. Former military/government employees
  2. People who have no idea why
  3. People who know what and who is after them
  4. People who have an idea, but not certain
  5. The unknown

Types of methods of Targeting

  1. Electronic Harassment
  3. Being Erased
  4. Plumbers/Leakers
  5. Energy Weapons – Microwave, ETC.
  6. ULF Ultra Low Frequency
  7. Banking Manipulations/Financial Manipulations
  8. Targeting family members/Friends/Associates
  9. Framers of crimes/Mental Illness/Emotional Issues
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